Football Pool 2018/19

Weekly sheets, filled out in their entirety, MUST be submitted ONE hour prior to the start of the first game each week. Hand your sheets into the bar or email


Registration Fee:

$130 – for the entire season ($100 for regular Season, automatic $30 buy into the playoff pool)

Hand deliver your picks to the bar each week for your $3.50 Molson Domestic Pint Special! Monday, Thursday nights and Sundays during NFL Games: $5 Domestic Pints. (Coors Light, Old Vienna or Canadian)


  • Straight picks each week (17 weeks). You pick the teams you think are going to win! NO spreads or over/under. In case of a tie, Monday night game total score (both teams added together) will determine tiebreaker (under beats over).
  • Weekly sheets must be filled out in their entirety and submitted 1 (one) hour prior to the start of the first game each week (PLEASE WATCH FOR THURSDAY GAMES. The first game of the pool year commences on Sunday, September 9th 2018) – hand your sheets into the bar or email
  • Pick sheets not received by specified date and time will receive lowest score attained for that week less one point (e.g. if lowest score for week is 4, you receive 3) – no exceptions to this rule.
  • Only one sheet per player/per week will be accepted.

Four weekly prizes:

1st – CA$H – TBD based on number of participants* ($125 last year with 108 players)
2nd- Case of Molson Domestic (24 pack)
3rd – $25 gift certificate from Country Corner Market
4th – $20 gift certificate from M.T. Bellies Tap & Grill House

Overall Prizes at the end of the pool

  • Absolutely – Positively over 100% payout!
  • Year-end payouts (TBD – based on # of participants) to at least the top 15 finishers. *(Payouts to top 20 if 100 or more players join)*
  • Admission also includes: Year-End AFC/NFC Championship Party at M.T. Bellies (Sunday, January 20th, 2018) featuring food, bevies, payouts and prizes!

Visit the bar at M.T. Bellies to sign up!

M.T. Bellies Football Pool 2018-2019